Dhruv Bhanushali

What do I do?

  • write elegant code;
  • design accessible interfaces;
  • deploy scalable apps;
  • author helpful documentation;
  • nurture FOSS communities and
  • sneak easter eggs.

I, much like this site, am a work in progress.


I write code as a hobby and also as a full-time job. Getting paid to do what I love feels pretty awesome. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

All the code I write for joy, and most of what I write at work, is open-source. It's all there on my GitHub profile. If you see something you like (including this site), consider starring. I'd appreciate that sweet dopamine. If you see something you don't like very much, consider filing an issue.

For ~54% of my life, I've worked on all aspects of software development, from planning to deployment, from backend to frontend, and everything in between. I've even dabbled a little bit in UX/UI design and feel like I'm pretty good at it, but you're free to judge for yourself. For context, I designed this site.


I'm always open to collaborating on new and exciting ideas. If you have one, drop me and line and we will connect.

Let's connect.