Dhruv Bhanushali


  • AutomatticLinkautomattic.com
    • Active role: April 2021 to presentCode wranglerFull-timerActive role: April 2021 to present
      • Developed the Openverse media search engine.
      • Worked on features with the WordPress FOSS community.
      • Onboarded & mentored new open source contributors.
  • WordPressLinkwordpress.org/openverse/
    • Active role: April 2021 to presentProject maintainerFOSSActive role: April 2021 to present
  • Center of CILinkcenterofci.org
    • Active role: June 2021 to presentSoftware engineerPart-timerActive role: June 2021 to present
  • BrowserStackLinkbrowserstack.com
    • Past role: February 2020 to March 2021Software engineerFull-timerPast role: February 2020 to March 2021
      • Identified & fixed issues tantamount to a GDPR breach.
      • Built audit logs to prevent, detect & alert for breaches.
      • Integrated all email providers with the Central Email System.
      • Created system to track & visualise email engagement.
      • Set up systems to improve email deliverability & reputation.
  • Creative CommonsLinkcreativecommons.org
    • Active role: September 2019 to presentProject maintainerFOSSActive role: September 2019 to present
    • Past role: July 2020 to December 2020FOSS community coordinatorContractorPast role: July 2020 to December 2020
    • Past role: December 2019 to December 2020Internship mentorFOSSPast role: December 2019 to December 2020
      • Onboarded & guided applicants through the processes.
      • Reviewed, scored & ranked proposals from candidates.
      • Mentored Google Season of Docs in 2020.
      • Mentored Outreachy in winter 2019-20 & summer 2020.
    • Past role: May 2019 to August 2019GSoC engineerInternPast role: May 2019 to August 2019
      • Conceived, designed & developed Vocabulary from scratch.
      • Initiated & supported Vocabulary integration with CC sites.
  • FamPayLinkfampay.in
    • Past role: November 2019 to December 2019Software engineerPart-timerPast role: November 2019 to December 2019
      • Developed the end-to-end payment flow for the application.
      • Integrated with Razorpay and Cashfree payment gateways.
  • HackerEarthLinkhackerearth.com
    • Past role: May 2018 to July 2018Infrastructure engineerInternPast role: May 2018 to July 2018
      • Wrote the IaC for the entire production architecture.
      • Created tooling to deploy the IaC in an alternate AWS AZ.
      • Developed scripts to launch and terminate EC2 instances.
      • Isolated staging env from production in a separate VPC.
      • Enabled one‑click provisioning of staging environments.
    • Past role: May 2017 to July 2017Software engineerInternPast role: May 2017 to July 2017
      • Wrote a code‑evaluation engine to evaluate Java projects.
      • Created tooling to automatically build and execute projects.
      • Wrapped Ant in an async message‑based Python evaluator.
      • Developed the scaffolding architecture using RabbitMQ.
      • Added provider‑agnostic database connectivity using JDBC.
      • Installed security policies such as memory and I/O limits.
  • IMG, IIT RoorkeeLinkimg.channeli.in

    Information Management Group (IMG) is the student body that developed, manages and upgrades both the CMS powering the IIT-R website and Omniport, the official intranet portal.

    • Past role: January 2016 to April 2019Chief coordinator (tech)Part-timerPast role: January 2016 to April 2019
      • Pivoted IMG as a group from app to platform development.
      • Upgraded the legacy portal, tech stack & apps to Omniport.
      • Containerised, decoupled & stabilised dev processes.
      • Halved timelines by revamping the development paradigm.
      • Mentored a team of over 50 developers and designers.
      • Fostered OSS culture by open-sourcing 40+ repos.
      • Led IMG to 10 and 13 GSoC selections in 2018 and 2019.
      • Reinvigorated IMG's popular image on various social media.
  • Réschumé
  • pls

    `pls` is a prettier and powerful `ls` for the pros. It has many additional features targeting tech-savvy users.

  • OpenverseWordPress

    Openverse is an open-source search engine for openly-licensed media that is free to modify and reuse.

    • Search engineTypeScriptNuxtTailwindLinkgithub.com/WordPress/openverse-frontend/

      The search engine is the primary channel to access the 600M+ openly-licensed creative works in Openverse catalogue.

      • Developed a performant web app with server-side rendering.
      • Implemented best practices for peak a11y, i18n and L10n.
    • The API enables access to the Openverse catalogue via a RESTful API for the search engine and 3rd-party integrations.

      • Developed the API with OAuth2 auth and rate limits.
      • Expanded scope to new media such as audio and 3D models.
  • 2Fac
  • see·el·aye
  • VocabularyCreative Commons

    Vocabulary is a cohesive design system & component library to unify the web-facing Creative Commons.

  • OmniportIMG, IIT Roorkee

    Omniport is an end‑to‑end platform and app ecosystem for institutes to deploy their web portal, by and for the students.

  • Portfolio

    My portfolio is my small personal slice of the Internet.

    • WebsiteTypeScriptVueTailwindRéschuméLinkgithub.com/dhruvkb/portfolio/
      • Deployed as a static site with an automated CI + CD pipeline.
      • Built using cutting-edge frontend tech to ship negligible JS.
      • Renders a printer-friendly version as the main résumé.